3Clic is an innovative way to show your fashion creations on the internet. Your audience will be able to explore your collection in a more direct manner by simply clicking on the different elements of the video. We are open to your ideas in order to push fashion contents further.

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We Produce Fresher Fashion Shows

We arrange a fashion show for you, both public or invitation only, all around Europe. Our services include the entire production aspects, from the selection of the models to PR duties or sponsorship agreements. Or just specific functions, as it suits you better.

We Bring Fashion Shows to the Web

We organize the event, film the show and produce a video afterwards. We can create for your film an HTML5-based website, where you can devise all sort of interactive actions to make your fashion experience unique. All the garments will be independently marked and explained with the motive to drive traffic to your own online shop, while you are watching the video.

We Push Fashion Experience Forward

We could work alongside you to create new fashion experiences on the web. There is a world of options still to explore: georeferenced videos, showing your contents depending on where your audience is; interactive stories, where your audience can drive the video or choose its end; customized videos, showing only women clothing, or just shoes, etc. Give us your ideas to push the video forward.

We Spread the Word

We position and distribute your fashion experience's website to the relevant media, both on- and offline. Your content will be tailored and targeted to the audience you would like to reach via different media and social networks.


We are dedicated artisans, no mass producers. Prices will vary depending on what you need. Here we describe three options as a guidance, but you can pick out your needs.

An Innovative Team

We are a team of four different companies, highly specialised on our different fields: video-based websites design (A navalla suí­za), fashion community management (Max Adam), innovative projects' management (Simbyosi), casting & backstage management (Sonia Giordani) and fashion & lifestyle PR (So Happy Together). We are based in Spain, but we can produce fashion shows pretty much all over Europe.

Email: hello@3-clic.com
Phone: +34 617167643
Main HQ: C/ Duque de Rivas, 5 28012 Madrid (Spain)

If you want to contact the team's partners, please, follow our logos at the page's bottom.


These are some of the demos that we have already produced, just to explain our work.